#T3UXW14 : TYPO3 CMS Vision

As I've been selected to participate to this year T3UXW, I started documenting me to get ready. First I had a look on the T3UXW09 website (impressives tasks and objectives) and went wandering on the net. I found a very interesting discussion on the typo3.org forum about the TYPO3 CMS Vision, that might be very useful during the event and the workshops. So I'd like to summ it up a bit and share my understandement of it... please be kind, as my english is rusted and as I'm not a tech guy...

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My uderstandment of the thread (so far) : 

The thread is about how do we see TYPO3 CMS future, what's the vision we have of our beloved tool. Many discussion are about bringing new feature (would they be technical or not) to the tool, others are about positionning TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 NEOS.... Here are my notes taken from the thread and mixed with my inners thoughts :-)


About mixin' TYPO3 CMS & NEOS

  • Idea : mix TYPO3 & NEOS : useful ? Pros/Cons/Benefits -integrating flow+fluid as replacement of fluid/extbase ? Is that a Coder debate ?
  • Drop TYPO3 FE support and use NEOS FE Editing. Bidirectionnal extension surpport (TYPO3:ext on EXT:NEOS and viceversa)
  • Get composer more strongly integrated in NEOS & TYPO3... but in need of a web UI for less technical guys... leading to no more ext. manager but a single package managed by bits : another coder debate ? Though usefull, that will not bring uge competitor's value to the customer

One question that comes to me is that, before trying to get both worlds going together for the best (and not only... :-)), I need to understand why was neos created for ? In fact having two products (that was heavily debated when TYPO3 V5 became NEOS) might introduce a form a "cannibalism" inbetween the two products and lost the final decision maker (the client that is).


About community strategy

  • community structure & overwhelming power of code. With the time being, we started to spread exts everywhere (github) with is loosing the only advantage TYPO3 dev. Structure (T.E.R) have against other CMS (like wordpress). Furthermore, we do tend to forget editors'choices & marketplace
  • We do not have products manager in our community... and compared to our "competitors" (I'd say ennemy brothers) like Drupal, that's a big drawback,
  • That leads me to a thought about centralized dev structure / vs composer
  • Should we adhere more on other programming languages and techn (see blogs in node.js like ghost) so to open up to future killer techs ? I think so, but how to integrate this within our community ? through a Research & Dev commitee ?
  • Talking about vision, shouldn't we first draw a short, middle, long term vision with goals ?
  • Don't we tend to forget that a CMS is defined by it's usage (USERS/CONTRIBS) ?
  • Regarding other CMS... Drupal with views is having a "competitive" advantage on our way to create Content... shouldn't we start looking around and benchmark a bit?


User needs, you said it !

  • User usage tend to show that quiet a few ext. are used to fill vast & differents needs (tt_news/news). Same goes for tt_content with CE ... => View in drupal (better logic to me than defining a larger amount of CE as it still will be limited)  : accessible to non developper : filling the gap with Wordpress & giving popularity,
  • If a user is drivin' a diesel car or a gas car and often do not care how's the engin is working as soon as he can go where he wants. Maybe we can make the same and emphatise the UX through a customizable BE blacks /FE ... netvibes like ? + Responsive BE,
  • User needs are not (always) a question of technology (see "web2.0" revolution),
  • The killer features should pass throught the differents end user types (enterprise, calssical, private..) and thus try to find the link inbetween tham all ? which are enterprise feature ? Agencies feature, integrator features ?
  • need of responsive design compliance in BE (row style design/layout, implying a new way of thinking navigations : row, then on the right, left ... like a js ppt sliding),
  • Standardization :  make stadardized installation (too much time to set up) or use presets & make it available through the right tools (bitnami ?) => see forum.typo3.org/index.php/mv/msg/205478/0/0/, Felix Kopp (7elix)


Killer/Needed features

Among the features listed in the thread, these one are looking promising to me : 

  • renew and customize the backend skin ? (with branding possibilities)... same idea as the "flat" skin of felix ?
  • social CMS : BE timeline with all the user interactions on the site from a BE usage of view ?
  • fast and easy template/theming + sharing themes, regardless from extensions and Version of core, whithout limiting design richness - centralizing the distribution feature by offering to the agency to publish their distribution easily (like translation.typo3.org for languages)
  • workspace versus content staging ?
  • easily communicate with other tools in other tech.


Various Thoughts that "hitted" me :

"Mostly due to the fact that creating a unified ecosystem should be our most important goal" : every opensource's dream => through CGI to "frame up" and structure the community.

"The "stamp"/"mark" of the founders might chain our creativity and restrain our communication liberty as we like to respect the spirit"

"I see CMS a the central "HUB" for content, information and logs/statistics. CMS should be the central data management, single sign login server, content management component."

"improvement have less value for editors than new feature" : technology/geek addiction ?

"The focus task is content management - and not only "content element management" -- over the complete life-cycle of content."

"An "Appstore" beside the TER can offer secured and validated extensions or packages, which have their price (revenue can be splitted to Association/Extension Author)"

"And as the thread clearly shows, 

"developers tend to concentrate on HOW things should be done, when the question should be, WHAT our goals are and what we want to achieve with our products. "


Others are heaven, not hell (Cf. Sartre)

Drupal Sharp features... technical & communitary... maybe an inspiration ?

  • views : craft your content your way !
  • twigs templating engine : flows fluidly :-)
  • no BE/FE : one to use them all
  • mobile from the get-go
  • accessibility support (WAI-ARIA
  • web service build-in
  • Lastly, but not least, the Drupal Community, being driven by a big private owned company (Acquia) have a lots of marketing "bullshitters" (C.Wolfangel said ... truly !).