#T3UXW15: on the road again !

A hotel in the middle of nowhere in the "dark heart the Harz", it's snowing heavily, cold and fogs crawling up in your pans. 30 people stuck there with nowhere to hide.... Sounds familiar ? You've got, they're baaaaacckkk ! The TYPO3 User Experience Week 2015 has just began. 


If you had any doubts about the TYPO3 community vivid life, wreck them now. The T3UXW15 is one of these events where you have to be, or at least that you have to follow. A whole week with people coming from all over Europe. A whole week dedicated to TYPO3, team building is the keyword; Teaming to achieve the CMS of tomorrow ! Nightly developper sessions, good beer, ore mine visit, marketing and documentation projects... and women ... too :)


In addition of some well known guys, the great majority of people there are end and key users. It's all about achieving a great work (T3UXW14 has produced more than 1 800 Man Hours'work).

The main goal of such a week is to build up a list of important projects (defining or redefining concepts) with focus on user experience. Thus the week will mix a code sprint with the core team members and a user experice week... the whole will be lead by the brand new Product Manager : Mathias, our favorite community pitbull.

The idea behing such an event, is to found the first time events crispy feeling of excitment and provide useable results, based on a simple concept : build it up => make a P.O.C => patch the system. This leads naturally to more freedom thinking and less technical adhereance. (See my previous article about T3UXW14).

Fellowship of Kasper

Within this fellowship, I'll try to guide you, young Padawan. So keep an ear on the ground and get delighted... Bis Bald !