#T3UXW15: on my way back (already!)

Communting at Frankfurt airport, feeling quiet sad not to have stayed more but so confident about TYPO3's future. In fact, the firsts days of the event were very fruitfull (let alone fruit gummies) ...

This was a week of a kind ! Lots to learn, lots to give, worked mostly on backend and had met so many great people. 

I have the slight impression that TYPO3 is made to last, and that community knows it. And I had also some more explaination about the new support services offered by the community, news realease features (just sit before pulling in the current master by the end of the team).

I hope I'll be able to keep in touch all year long with most of these very interesting people and I'll try to attend next T3COn in amsterdam... more to come. (see here in the meantime)

Fist Pump ;)