Why I'm not anymore into TYPO3

TYPO3 has been a great part of my life during these last 10 years, I have founded the TYPO3 French Community back in 2000, Created the website, driven the forum, setup 5 Summer univeristy, met a huge amount of great people, been to International events, enjoyed it so much... but...

 A new time has come. I have achieved most of my personal goals within the TYPO3 community and I think it's time to "retire" because : 

  • New great "kids on the block" came in with higher motivation and faster thinking,
  • My added value is fading (technically speaking),
  • Professionnaly speaking, I (kind of) reach my carreer peak with TYPO3 and the french market isn't anymore too much into TYPO3,

But there are other reason for my retirement : 

  • I'm starting a new personnal life and want to get back to some essentials things like mecanics,
  • I've started a new and very demanding job, thus leaving me way too little time for else,
  • I wanted to enlarge my Hard Skills specs to other tools and to improve some soft skills like team management,

So I did join the surprising (and quite uncommon) COGNIZANT Technology Solutions company... and I do have fun with this new "service manager" job.

So, that's about it TYPO3 folks... I'll always be around nosing into TYPO3 and enjoying having TYPO3 websites, I'll always enjoy some T3BEERS and your presence and wish t keep contact with you all.

Thanks for these wonderful years of adventures and ... bonne route !