TYPO3 once... TYPO3 forever

Why I'm still doing some TYPO3...

Damm, looking back isn't a treatless activity. I indeed found all my "old" backups of the TYPO3 projects I've made. We're talking of more than 400 websites, some of them being quiet small (few pages) and other being rather large (million pages). All of them crafted with love and attention and overall, respect of standard rules.

You might ask rightly "standard ? What's that ?". Well over the time (I've started working with the "Elephant" TYPO3 in 1999) the documentation, versions, strategic 180° changes and issues have pilled up around TYPO3, to the point of overwhelming HDD with german, half-finished french documentation, code chuncks, failed UTF8 DB conversion and RealURL huge configuration files. So, talking about standard, I've just build a TYPO3 site (bootstrap based, being lazy) for my village choral, and I discovered (with a strong satisfaction feeling) that since V6, I've been updating my own website and each updation went like a charm.

So standard isn't a meaningless concept in TYPO3 (thanks Core team & community pitbull). It's tighly bounded in code, extensions, framework, core and so on... easing up core update (provided that your own code respects alias, backporting, standard coding / API guideline).

That's mostly why I've asked my favorite even orgaznizer (thanks SuperPetra) to be part (again) of the TYPO3 User eXperience Week by end of April next year. Longing to be there and I'll do my best to revive this blog for such great event.

See you there, lads & gents :)