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BMW - E60 - 525D - 2006

Swapped with the DIsco2 as I was fedup of spending long hours on the Disco's mecanical failure and poor engineering conception. Roughly 200 HP under the hood and good quality car, a great swap I did.

Nissan Prairie - 1986 - M10 - 1.8L SGL

Bought few days before March 2019 first lockdown, only got a chance to bring it home recently. Rusted, damaged, but sooo surprising.

Toyota Corolla (AE82) - 1985 - CS-X Seca liftback - 1.6 Petrol

Bought "by mistake" for few bucks. Perfect condition, not a dent, no rust... even smell NOS :)

Bombardier Iltis 1988 - TD

My favourite, from far :) A completely rebuilt/overhauled Bombardier Iltis repowered with a 1.9 TD AAZ VW Engine (the combi T4 one). Gently named "pinocchio" as it came home with a smashed nose.

Land Rover Serie III Diesel - 1980 - 2 2/5 L

Oops another one named "Big mama" in loving memories of another S3. Good bargain but sold quickly after buying it.

Land Rover - Discovery 5 TD5 - 2.5 L - Diesel

Nicknamed "big", long swapped away with a great BMW 525 D from 2006. WAs nice during the first year, but quickly turned out to be sitting in garage more than driving.

Hindoustan Ambassador 1990 - Diesel

Not mine (seen in a trip down in india) but whishing to have one home :)

Volkswagen - Iltis - 1.6 L - Petrol

First iltis back home after the legendary 1.8 TD (sold long back). Fully overhauled, first body work, nicknamed "schwarzy".

Land Rover - Serie II - 1979 - 2 2/5 Petrol

Excellent project of "get 2 to build 1", that unfortunately ended up by selling them apieces with a great sadness. The blue one got fully stripped and rebuild from scratch. Call M.Finch in loving memory of the great African Hunter "Denys Finch Hatton" (Karen Blixen's lover).